Your supply chain is fundamental to your long term success. Correctly structured it becomes your competitive advantage.

For long term success an organisation must consistently achieve the following critical success factors:

The right product representing that brand
A competitive price point representing that brand
Product to the marketplace to meet customer requirements and marketing plans
Product standard dictated by the brand
Margin that adds value to the organisation

However current economic conditions of:

Pressure at point of sale placing strain on margins
Extreme competition in terms of more branding and product offerings leading to a battle for retail space
and/or the retail dollar
Immediacy of product, compromised by long lead-times placing stress on managing forecasts while minimising stock outs
are contrary to achieving those critical success factors.

This can be achieved through distribution to marketplace from source.
We have structured their capabilities vertically, not relying on “associated” agents using adhoc systems not tailored to your market, customers or requirements.

We allow to be:
Fully aware of the pre-requisites that must be established prior to initial launch
Responsive to your specific requirements
Leaders in this field

Scanpack at Source

We have recognised the need for clients to add competitive advantage to their supply chain. In challenging the traditional concept of a supply chain we have recognised the need to:

Make decisions closer to the marketplace
To have stock store ready AND store delivered
Eliminate double handling costs
Eliminate duplication of freight costs
Move to a variable cost model from a fixed cost model
Add flexibility to the supply chain, delivering product to multiple markets without having to recreate the supply chain
Lower the overall cost of the logistics equation